If you’re searching for an affordable, humidity-controlled facility to store electronics, packaged food or documents, Rock City will accommodate your needs. In fact, the National Archives has been storing military and Federal personnel records in a 500,000 square-foot building within Rock City for over a decade! We will customize your space to meet all your storage requirements – and save you 40-70 percent over above-ground options.

Dry Storage and NARA Storage

  • Existing infrastructure includes roads, street lights, sewer, fire suppression, electric, phone, and fiber optic availability
  • Year-round ambient temperature of 58 degrees
  • Controlled humidity
  • Space subdivided to meet your needs
  • 25’ – 40’ ceiling clearance
  • Custom racking shelving solutions
  • Insulated and fire proof wall system
  • Natural protection from weather and natural disasters
  • Hand, ramp and forklift unloading options
  • Minutes from air, road, rail and water transportation

Reach out to discuss taking your business underground.

With insulated and fire-proof wall systems, natural protection from harsh weather, and half the utility and material expenses of above-ground options, it’s hard to find a more secure, cost-efficient facility than Rock City.