Rock City’s subsurface location delivers 40 percent energy savings, half the building material costs, and many other benefits over traditional facilities.

The Cost Savings Advantage

  • Year-round ambient temperature of 58 degrees for lower heating and cooling bills
  • No need for roof repair or replacement
  • No landscaping costs
  • No site maintenance costs
  • No street, parking or staging area costs
  • No personal property, manufacturing earnings or equipment taxes
  • No or low water costs

Economic incentives in the form of tax credits, grants, training and relocation funds, sales tax exemptions, Large Business Development grants and USDA Rural Development funds may be available.

Reach out to discuss taking your business underground.

With insulated and fire-proof wall systems, natural protection from harsh weather, and half the utility and material expenses of above-ground options, it’s hard to find a more secure, cost-efficient facility than Rock City.