GridRock Data Center’s development presents a unique opportunity for customers and partners seeking a location for their next generation, sustainable, hyper-secure data center. GridRock Data Center has invested in significant feasibility and engineering studies to understand the unique qualities of our location. The highlights of these reports are summarized.


Physically Stunning

  • Speed to market: minimal permitting, build time, and 100% customizable

  • 58° year round ambient temperature

  • Natural humidity controlled environment

  • 40 percent energy saving over above ground structures

  • 100 million gallon in-cavern lake & Mississippi River aquifer

  • Physically secure from natural and man-made disasters

  • 25’ – 40’ high ceiling clearance

  • Naturally ventilated with multiple airways

Power & Fiber Profile

  • Proposed Wind Farm and Solar Array

  • Utility power grids with price point in the lowest 10% of the country

  • Redundant primary utility feeds with up to 70MW potential capacity

  • GridRock is 100% independent & Carrier Neutral

  • Proximity to multiple fiber carriers with diverse routes and topologies

  • CenturyLink, Verizon, Charter Spectrum, HTC, Windstream, and AT&T identified carriers

Reach out to discuss taking your business underground.

With insulated and fire-proof wall systems, natural protection from harsh weather, and half the utility and material expenses of above-ground options, it’s hard to find a more secure, cost-efficient facility than Rock City.