Rock City’s underground advantage extends beyond cost savings. Each dollar saved in energy bills and building expenses means a smaller carbon footprint for your company.

Sustainability Information

  • Ambient 58 degrees reduces energy consumption by 40%
  • 50% less building materials and zero roof maintenance conserves natural resources
  • Economic incentives in the form of tax credits, grants, sales tax exemptions, and USDA Rural Development funds may be available
  • Natural protection from tornadoes, wind, rain, ice, floods and earthquakes
  • Rock ceiling and floors provide unlimited load bearing capacity
  • No or low water costs
  • No landscape maintenance costs

Reach out to discuss taking your business underground.

With insulated and fire-proof wall systems, natural protection from harsh weather, and half the utility and material expenses of above-ground options, it’s hard to find a more secure, cost-efficient facility than Rock City.